Bulletproofing Remote Teams

With the power of AI

Timeqube AI analyzes online team meetings to help detect dangerous dynamics that force remote teams back to the office.

Into Team Meetings

Atmosphere and Energy

Timeqube AI analyzes meeting sentiment a.k.a vibe / atmosphere in the meeting based on 8 key emotions present among speakers. 

Energy is a cumulative calculation of interaction, emotion and talk time data that indicates how energized the meeting is.

Engagement and Inclusion

Timeqube AI analyzes voice distribution across active speakers to discover bad dynamics that erode team psychological safety This inlcudes identifying unheard voices in the room, meeting hijacking by a single speaker and many more.


Based on voice analysis, Timeqube AI discovers interactions between meeting participants including interaction strength and versatility. The interaction graph is accompanied by mapping strongest and weakest interactions with the key speaker and others. 

Connection and Audio Quality

The algorithm reveals recuring technical issues including network and audio quality also providing statistical data to find trends that need elimination.

AI That Gets To The Point

Key Speaker Analytics

Helps team understand what the key speaker cares about in the meeting.

Speaker Summaries

Summarizes each participant’s input in a easy to read bullet-points

Key Point Tracker

Analyzes key point occurences into a tag cloud to help team see at a glance what the meeting was about. 

Action Points Detection

Uses advanced Stanford Algorithm to extract Action Points from an audio material.  

Q&A Tracking​

Notes down all questions and answers in the meeting recording.

Are We Improving as Remote Team?

Track Trends

Track, how the team is doing over time with versatile time-span selection, tagging and more.

Discover Correlates

Timeqube AI helps you find correlating variables that influence how the team performs remotely.

Empowering Transformation

Build Engagement

By understanding and improving team’s group dynamics from the weakest link in the team chain.

Invite Feedback

Strengthening decision-making and tapping into team’s brainpower faster and without blocks.

Avoid Team Burnout

By improving psychological safety of the team, energizing its interactions in meetings.

Improve Self-Organisation

By building trust, team awareness and accountability.

DGet D&I Certified
As Your Team Improves

An organization is only as good as its culture—and building that culture is not only a role for HR, it’s every manager’s and employee’s responsibility. As today’s headlines prove, an inclusive work environment is not just a nice-to-have, it can make or break a company. We team up with top D&I certification providers to make it easier to transform results into tangible KPIs. 

Demo Report

Click image to view Timeqube AI report generated automatically after the meeting. 


Track behaviors and record context of your meetings for team reference with our standard package. Other plans available below.

Basic AI

Behaviors Only Package
39 $ Monthly / seat
  • Meeting Atmosphere and Energy
  • Engagement and Interactions
  • Technical Setup Evaluation

Advanced AI

Behaviors and Content Analysis Package
69 $ Monthly / seat
  • Smart Minutes, Key Speaker Analytics
  • Full Meeting Transcript with Emotions
  • Timeqube AI API

Pro AI

Pro Package
149 $ Monthly / seat
  • Timeqube AI Platform for custom use cases
  • 3rd party integrations
  • 24/7 Support​

Timeqube AI API for Developers

Utilize Timeqube AI Models in your workflow

Voice Distribution API

Analyzes voice distribution across participants in the audio material. 

Emotions API

Shows time-based emotion analysis for entire material or individual participants. 

Interaction API

Shows interaction graphs between participants indicating interaction strength and depth.

Audio Transcript API

High-quality audio transcripts including smart minute summaries for meetings and other audio uploads. 

Voice Quality API

Analyzes voice and connection quality to indicate obstacles to high-bandwith interaction.

Disruptive Behavior s API

Discovers behaviors that disrupt teamwork – offensive language, public shaming and many more.

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